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Jul 8th

I was asked recently by Cinda to do a vision board for our project ROAR. She gathered pieces that resonated with her for part of her vision as did I. We wanted to come together and share on a vision board what we want to attract for ROAR and our goals. I am sharing the process of putting together this board that is a little untraditional as I added a little bit of a painting to it.

canvas for vision board

First thing you’ll need is your canvas. You can use a wood piece, paper of some kind, poster board, bulletin board, canvas or whatever you can find. For this vision board I used a large canvas I had.

painted canvas

I painted my canvas to give it a background color because I knew I wasn’t going to be filling every space.

finding your vision

Gather anything that speaks to you about your vision. We gathered words from magazines and I photocopied a few of my paintings for ROAR. You can use pictures, words, sketches and on and on.


Choose your adhesive. Some people use rubber cement, glue sticks or spray adhesives. I prefer a gel matte medium or white glue that I use an old paint brush with.

gluing backside of media

I like to put a coat of glue on the backside of thinner magazine pieces. The reason is that when you glue down the front to the canvas you don’t see the print from the back showing through. This is an optional step but since I was turning this into somewhat of a painting I didn’t want the noise from the other side to show.

focal point

I chose to put photos of Cinda and I in our board. This is a joint project and vision and I felt that our board needed to reflect this. I had to laugh when I took this pic because we look like to witches in it…lol.


I like to lay some of the pieces down to see what I’ve got before I glue them down. Work with your layout a bit. Maybe you’d like some of your vision words to have a prominent place on your canvas. Use your intuition to do what feels right.

put together

Sorry for the blurry pic but by the time I realized it there was no going back to get another….yikes. Anyway…. I just wanted to show how the piece looked when everything was glued down. You could leave it as is now or add your own touches such as glitter, beads or anything that you have that you think would add to your board. I decided I would continue to paint around mine.

vision board for ROAR

This is the finished vision board. I might tweak it a bit but I’m happy with it. I hope Cinda is too!!!

vision boards

I also wanted to show a board I did years ago. It’s fun to look back at it and see what has happened since.

Vision boards are fun to do and it certainly helps in attracting the things you want in your life. Try one!! You’ll be amazed!!!

fill your heart with art and vision boards


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