vintage beads, new earrings and one happy customer

Jul 24th


I recently purchased some vintage beads and they’re so cute. It’s been fun to incorporate them into some of my designs. I held my breath when I ordered them because I wasn’t quite sure what was going to arrive but they came to me like new. So far I’ve put them in some of the earrings.

Sterling earrings with words.....Find. Your. Happy. Place.

These are my latest sterling earrings. I think that these are my favorite but I’ve said that about every pair….lol. I’ve added the words….Find. Your. Happy. Place. I think this rings true to many people. We look around for things and people to make us happy when in reality happiness is a feeling that is within us. I like these words in the piece to bring a gentle reminder.

Mae and her jewelry

This photo was sent to me recently. My friend, Mae, is one of my biggest supporters. I love that she loves jewelry and mine at that. If she lived closer I would put a hammer in her hand and have her forge away with me. 🙂

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