Turquoise Jewelry

May 3rd

turquoise necklace

Arizona Kingman turquoise necklace


Sorry I’ve been so absent on my blog but I’ve been hard at work with a ton of turquoise jewelry. Lots of pieces have been heading to new homes and still have many more on my bench.

I haven’t made a piece in a while with naturally shed antler so last week I thought it was time. This Arizona Kingman lends well to this piece.

turquoise necklace

Arizona Kingman turquoise.


I really thought hard about keeping this one but Rob reminded me that each piece of turquoise jewelry is my baby and I might as send it into the world and share the beautiful stones 🙂

Turquoise necklace

Arizona Kingman turquoise


As soon as this Arizona Kingman turquoise necklace was listed it found it’s new home. It’s really striking on because of it’s color.

turquoise necklace

Nevada Royston turquoise necklace


Love this Nevada Royston. Truly an incredible stone.

sisters of the sun

Labradorite necklace


Ha…this post was about turquoise jewelry and now I’m throwing in a labradorite. Just wanted to mix it up…… lol.

Short post but I’ll be back soon with some more goodies!!

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fill your heart with art

My work can be found here at Echo of the Dreamer gallery, at Enter the Earth gallery and at the Sonoran Arts League Gallery.

Fill your heart with art



My name is Manon. (pronounced Man + O) Yes….my mom cursed me with my name. In her defense I guess she never though I’d leave Quebec. I’m a jewelry artist and painter. I’ve been creative as long as I can remember and things haven’t changed. I now live in Scottsdale, AZ. I spend most days in my studio making pieces that speak to my heart. Thanks for stopping by!!

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