The beauty of turquoise

May 4th

Roystone turquoise gemstone ring

Ahhhh…… the beauty of turquoise. The more I work with turquoise the more I love it. I’ve always adored it even when I didn’t live in the Southwest. I’m a lover of color and turquoise doesn’t disappoint in that area. Plus….. the stones are so different according to where they’re mined from.

The above ring was made with a Royston turquoise I just acquired. I don’t even know if this photo can do her justice. Probably some of the best color I’ve seen.

Sterling silver necklace with Royston turquoise

I met with a turquoise *connoisseur* last weekend that’s more than familiar with the beauty of turquoise. He’s been in the turquoise business for over 40 years and knows most people in the turquoise world. He told me how the Native American Indians believe that there’s a story in every stone. (I happen to be third generation Native American Indian so my ears perked up when he spoke of this.) When you look at the custom piece above and see the beauty in this stone you can see why there maybe a story in there.

Turquoise earrings

Even the simplest stones are beautiful. These turquoise add a color to this sterling silver earring setting.

sterling silver earrings with Kingman turquoise

Small turquoise beads in earrings make me smile. See how different the color of these Kingman beads are opposed to the Royston turquoise pieces above. It’s amazing.

The beauty of turquoise….. somehow I feel it connects me to the earth in some way that no other stone does. I’m happy I can work with it often.

My work can be found here and at Echo of the Dreamer gallery.

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