Planning ahead

Mar 29th

earring sketch

I’ve talked many times about planning ahead and my lack of a plan. To plan or not to plan. This past week I decided to quickly sketch out these earrings before I went ahead with them. I had two beautiful Peruvian opals and two Bisbee turquoise to work with. Let’s see how it came together.

silver bezels for earrings

This is what the silver bezel looked like almost done. I still had to solder on the holder and clean up the mess before I oxidized them.

Peruvian opal earrings and Bisbee turquoise earrings

These are the finished earrings. Looks like planning ahead on these worked to my advantage.

#8 mine turquoise ring

Here’s an example of not planning ahead. I had a few disasters on this ring. The setting didn’t want to cooperate with me so I turned the negative into what I think is one of my favorite rings. This turquoise is from the number 8 mine. It’s a beautiful stone.

#8 mine turquoise ring

I left the bezel open on this side….definitely not in the plan but it worked. You get to see how pretty the stone is.

#8 mine turquoise ring. Back view.

This is the back of the ring. I did reticulate the silver early on to give it an interesting look. The shape, the bezel, the little bit of silver on the edge….those things were not planned and I’m happy they happened organically.

Bisbee turquoise bangle bracelets

Finally…… two silver bangle bracelets with Bisbee turquoise. I wrote *inhale love, exhale gratitude* on one and *may my heart be brave, my mind be fierce & my spirit be free* on the other. Not really pre planned but they’ve been on my mind for the last two weeks.

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