Packaging ideas for jewelry

Apr 6th

A couple of packaging ideas for your jewelry.

packaging ideas

So…. you’ve created your jewelry or whatever it is you make and now it’s sold. It really doesn’t end there. A very important part is the packaging. You don’t want your beautiful creation to arrive in a paper towel. There are times that I have ordered things and have been completely disappointed by the packaging. Don’t let this happen to you.

The pic above is of me and is a cool way to display your earrings. It’s certainly not a novel idea but the image obviously is…lol. There are a ton of ways to display earrings. Find the way that works for you.

Check out my PINTEREST board to see many packaging ideas. See it HERE.

Ring cards for packaging

This is the way I’m now sending out my rings. The back of the card is in the next pic.

packaging ideas for ring cards

Make sure your contact info is on your cards. Brand your company name. Everything you send out should clearly state who you are.

packaging ideas for jewelry

I put all my jewelry in breathable plastic bags that I buy from my jewelry supply store. I also use kraft jewelry boxes to send out my pieces. Notice that my business name is visible on the package. I finish it with a pretty ribbon. I also included a note in the package to thank my client and another business card.

Don’t overlook your presentation. It says a ton about who you are as a company.

You can find my work at my online shop or if in the Arizona area I welcome studio appointments.

Fill your heart with art and pretty packaging.



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