Jewelry sketchbook

Aug 24th

jewelry sketchbook
my jewelry sketchbook

Most of the time I wing my designs but sometimes I work in my jewelry sketchbook to come up with new ideas or to see if something will look good on paper before I start creating it. The upside is that I can always refer back to it in the future if I’m creating a similar piece and it’s actually fun to pull out my watercolors and play around.

The above sketches show what I had in mind for the earrings and the Royston turquoise necklace.

royston turquoise necklace by sisters of the sun
Royston turquoise necklace

As you can see my jewelry sketchbook drawing came close to the actual finished piece. Ok….. kind of close….ha, ha!!! It’s such a great stone. I’m glad I thought this one out a little before diving in.

silver earrings with coral by sisters of the sun
sterling earrings with coral

Sketching ideas can help your design process greatly. I know I should do more of it so I’m trying to up my jewelry sketchbook game a little. I must say that it’s fun to see it go from paper to fruition. 🙂

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My name is Manon. (pronounced Man + O) Yes….my mom cursed me with my name. In her defense I guess she never though I’d leave Quebec. I’m a jewelry artist and painter. I’ve been creative as long as I can remember and things haven’t changed. I now live in Scottsdale, AZ. I spend most days in my studio making pieces that speak to my heart. Thanks for stopping by!!

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