Aug 26th

organic shaped hoop earrings

It’s been another fun week in the studio and I seem to have no lack of inspiration. I’ve been back and forth on earrings and necklaces lately and I’ve made a few new pairs of organic hoop earrings which I love the look of. They have a nice swing to them.

silver organic hoops

The cobalt blue glass beads really sets off the look of these hoops.

sun, moon, and stars necklace

This lovely necklace is gone to a new home. It has a lot of meaning to it’s owner as it did to me when I was making it. It reminds her of her dad as it did mine.

be free. be fearless.

This baby has also found a new home. Be free. Be fearless. Good words to remind ourselves daily.

Buddha beads

I bought these jade Buddha beads a couple of weeks ago and decided I wanted to incorporate them into earrings.

sun, moon and truth

This is what I came up with as it relates to the Buddha quote… *three things that cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.*

shine like the stars

I’m currently working on more necklace ideas. The sun, moon, stars and hearts often find there way into some of my jewelry as they did my paintings.

another beautiful night

I heard it said once that Texas has big sky. I look out each night and watch the sunset here in AZ and think to myself that Arizona also has really big sky…lol. No lack of visual inspiration here!!

See you soon!!

fill your heart with art


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