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Apr 19th

Handmade sterling silver ring with Royston turquoise

This past week I’ve been working on various gemstone rings. Yesterday I finished this Royston turquoise ring. I named this baby *a view from above.* It’s pretty easy to see why…lol

handmade sterling silver ring with red coral cabochon

This red coral gemstone ring was a custom order. I’ve made a few red coral rings and I just love how they look with silver.

Handmade sterling silver ring with Bisbee turquoise

I was inspired by a quote by Stephen King which reads, *Some birds are not meant to be caged, that’s all. Their feathers are too bright, their songs too sweet and wild.* I added stamped feathers to the setting and the word *soar* to the back of the ring. This Bisbee turquoise seemed perfect for the ring.

handmade sterling silver ring with druzy cabochon.

Handmade sterling silver ring with white druzy cabochon.

The above two rings have awesome druzy gemstones. You can read about the druzy here. They are both so unique and are eye-catching gemstone rings.

Handmade sterling silver ring with Carico Lake turquoise.

My favorite gemstone ring this week was this Carico Lake turquoise. Carico Lake turquoise is highly collectible. I have a few pieces this of turquoise that I’m keeping for special pieces. I thought this one was perfect for a statement ring.

Handmade sterling silver ring with Carico Lake turquoise

It’s big and beautiful and makes me smile!!!!

There are so many beautiful gemstones to work with. I’m continually inspired. Makes me look forward to my work each day!!

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