Building a ring

May 18th

the beginning of a new ring. work in progress

Before it becomes a ring it looks like this. The first step I take to building a ring is to find my stone. (I don’t have any problem in that department…lol.) For this ring I used a Royston ribbon turquoise. I always work in sterling silver so I measure how much silver bezel wire I’ll be using. I also decide at some point what kind of band for the ring shank, what words I want on the ring and the bottom shape of the bezel where the stone will sit. Then it’s all about starting to put it together.

work in progress. working on a new ring

Ater I’ve gone through most of my steps my ring setting will get to this point. It needs to be cleaned up and many areas filed once more. Btw….it takes time an patience and mistakes happen all the time.

working on a new ring

When I finish the cleanup and oxidization I’ll be ready to set the stone. I always hold my breath a little because this is not the time you want a catastrophe…lol.

Sterling silver ring with Royston turquoise

This is the finished ring. There’s a sense of accomplishment when you build a ring or any other piece of jewelry. it’s a thrill to see the stone in a pretty setting.

Finished Royston turquoise ring

This is a sterling silver ring with a Royston Ribbon cabochon.

My work can be found here and at Echo of the Dreamer gallery.

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My name is Manon. (pronounced Man + O) Yes….my mom cursed me with my name. In her defense I guess she never though I’d leave Quebec. I’m a jewelry artist and painter. I’ve been creative as long as I can remember and things haven’t changed. I now live in Scottsdale, AZ. I spend most days in my studio making pieces that speak to my heart. Thanks for stopping by!!

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