Oct 9th

handmade pink druzy necklace
Pink druzy *badass* necklace

*be Strong when you are weak. be BRAVE when you are scared. be HUMBLE when you are victorious. be BADASS everyday.* ~Pink

In honor of breast cancer awareness month I made a pink druzy necklace. This necklace has the word *badass* on the back. This is for all the badass people who have fought cancer and won and those who continue to fight. The quote above seems like the appropriate quote for this month.

You can find this piece here

Opal necklace by Sisters of the sun.
Graceful – African green opal necklace

Speaking about *badass*…lol. I used this Graceful – African green opal for this setting. It is a badass stone. So pretty. It’s happily gone to a new home. Sad to see it gone.

Boulder and Pilot Mountain turquoise necklace.
Boulder and Pilot mountain turquoise necklace.

It has been a week of necklaces. I used a large Boulder turquoise and a small Pilot mountain for this piece. I really love the way it looks on. The stones seem to compliment each other nicely. It feels feminine even though it has some size to it.

Thanks for stopping by and remember to be BADASS everyday!!!

My work can be found here and at Echo of the Dreamer gallery.

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My name is Manon. (pronounced Man + O) Yes….my mom cursed me with my name. In her defense I guess she never though I’d leave Quebec. I’m a jewelry artist and painter. I’ve been creative as long as I can remember and things haven’t changed. I now live in Scottsdale, AZ. I spend most days in my studio making pieces that speak to my heart. Thanks for stopping by!!

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