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May 29th

journal page

Yesterday I decided to get back into my painting journal. I took a little painting break after painting 32 paintings for Cinda and our project ROAR. (Btw…. check out Cinda’s ROAR site when you have a minute). I gave myself the challenge of doing this painting in under an hour and there you have it. It’s funny that every time I get back to painting it takes a bit to get myself comfortable again.

sterling earrings

I’ve been working most days in my jewelry studio. These are my latest sterling silver earrings. I love to solder so anything that I can put together with the torch makes me happy. You can find these in my Etsy shop. These are my man’s favorite pair that I’ve made. It’s a good thing when a guy thinks the jewelry you make is nice.

Arizona sunset

Our temps have been hot in the desert but the nights are still lovely enough for us to walk. The sunsets never disappoint. This was taken two nights ago on my walk.

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