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Aug 30th

postalpix app to develop my Instagram photos
PostalPix photos

My new favorite app is the PostalPix app. This app lets you order premium photo prints from your iPhone or Android and they’re delivered straight to your home. My favorite part of the PostalPix app is that I can order straight from my Instagram feed and get the pics in a square size…..YAY!!! Btw…..there are numerous sizes at reasonable prices.

The features that I loved were that this app is 1. easy to use 2. great quality 3. good pricing 4. variety of sizes 5. quick delivery.

Take it from your phone to a print in a minute….love it!!!!

You can find their website here PostalPix or you can search the PostalPix app on your phone. 🙂

Btw…. those are the prints I ordered in the pic above!!!

new rings by Sisters of the Sun
new rings

This past week has been busy with lots of rings and earrings. I’ll post more about the new earrings soon. I’ve been making a lot more pieces for the gallery since I had a great month with them in July…..yay!! You can find their link below.

See you real soon!!!

My work can be found here and at Echo of the Dreamer gallery.

You can contact me for custom orders at

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My name is Manon. (pronounced Man + O) Yes….my mom cursed me with my name. In her defense I guess she never though I’d leave Quebec. I’m a jewelry artist and painter. I’ve been creative as long as I can remember and things haven’t changed. I now live in Scottsdale, AZ with my man, Rob. I spend most days in my studio making pieces that speak to my heart. Thanks for stopping by!!

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